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What is Site Traffic Value?

The Site traffic value tool helps you identity the value of a site on how much worth it is. It is given based on unique visitors, page views, no of clicks, ranking, backlinks, amount spend on site and many more factors to analyze the price of the website.

We basically use public traffic ranking data and the Alexa ranking system for an accurate valuation. There are many online other websites worth calculators that might help you in getting a similar result of the domain.

Whether you are the owner of a website, planning to sell it, or going to buy it, these calculators can help you in all concernts. For your assurance cross-check the results by using 2 or 3 third-party tools altogether. It gives an average idea regarding the value of websites.

Here is a list of factors that are analyzed for the valuation of a Wesite:
  • Daily unique visitors
  • Daily page views
  • Average time on the website
  • Daily ads revenue
  • Monthly ads revenue
  • Yearly ads revenue